Adoption Myths

Debunking Adoption Myths of Birthmothers

If You Care About Your Child You Would Never Consider Adoption.?

You might be afraid if you consider adoption that others will think that you don’t love your child and that you are an uncaring and selfish person. When in fact, those women who choose to place their child for adoption are the most courageous, for they put the needs of their child first. Your counselor can arrange for you to talk to other birthparents who have already placed a child for adoption. In talking to them you will see the great love that they have for their child. Allowing your child to be born is a loving choice. Choosing to place your child with a family that can provide a stable, loving Christian home is the greatest act of love and sacrifice on your part. This is not an act of abandonment, but of love.?

All Adopted Children Grow Up To Have Serious Problems Later In Life. ?

Studies show that adopted teenagers are as emotionally stable as non-adopted teenagers and that adopted individuals do not have any more family problems that non-adopted peers (Benson, P.L. and Sharma, 1994. “Adopted Teenagers.”).?

Birthparents Will Never Know Anything About Their Child And His Or Her Adoptive Parents In The Following Years.?

You may be thinking that if you choose adoption, you will never know anything about your child’s future. But today, sharing information between birth and adoptive families is very common as the child grows. Birthparents have the option of developing an adoption plan that has the degree of openness that you desire.

Birthparents Will Have Emotional Problems If They Choose Adoption.??

Some birthparents do view adoption negatively because they think that they will never recover emotionally from placing their child. Some feel that they will never again be happy. Your pregnancy counselor will explain to you the different levels of adoption and you will choose the type that is best for you and your child. After placing your child you will feel sad and grieve the child and grief can be painful. However, the ability to grieve is a sign that you are moving in the right direction and if you continue on the path then healing will come in time.?

No One Can Love My Child Like I Can.??

Adoptive parents can and do love their children as selflessly as birthparents. Good parenting is a matter of unconditional love and acceptance, constantly nurturing and caring in a way that puts the needs of the child above your own. Adoptive parents love their children as much as if they had given birth to them.?