Fostering – The CALL in Arkansas

I became a foster parent when I heard on the radio about the great need there was in Little Rock for loving homes for these children. They have been taken away from their mommies and daddies, and they are scared. They need someone to love them. I got ‘the call’ from God to reach out.”
— Foster mom
Becoming a Foster Parent
The C.A.L.L. is unique because it provides the opportunity for prospective foster and adoptive parents to go through state-approved training WITHIN a church setting. You will have an automatic “support group” as you go through training with other Christians. The training is offered in a more convenient format than the norm to accommodate your schedule. The C.A.L.L. will walk you through every step in the process, easing the burden. Plus, we have a church liaison within the state agency who will help in making sure you will have a child placement in a timely manner. Then, once you have invited a child into your home, The C.A.L.L. encourages support from your church family.
The first step in the process is to attend a CALL Informational Meeting. To register, click on the “Events” tab!
Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Who may become a foster parent?

An applicant must be ages 21-65 years (exceptions may be made for the age requirement). Singles may apply. If an applicant is currently married, either he or she must have been married for at least 2 years. Homes will not be approved if there are transient roomers or boarders.
Question: What are the requirements to become a foster parent through The CALL?
Attend a CALL Info Meeting and complete background check paperwork, CALL statement of faith agreement and standards policy, and FBI fingerprints
Initial In Home Consult
Complete remaining paperwork – home study application, assessment and questionnaires, copy of birth certificates, copy of marriage certificate or divorce decree (if applicable), W-2 forms or pay stubs, proof of home and auto insurance, immunization records for all children, proof of pet rabies vaccination (if applicable), proof of TB skin tests for those 12 and older in the home, copy of water bill, 3 reference letter forms, home fire escape plan with room dimensions
Attend pre-service CALL PRIDE training class required by the state – a two-weekend 30-hour class
Attend Infant/Child and Adult CPR and First Aid Training
Physical forms completed by doctor for ALL in the home
CALL Support Group Meeting Attendance (Attend ONE meeting)
Home Study (Requires 2 home visits)
Final Walk-Through of Home

Question: What are the ages of the children in foster care?

0-5 years old = approx. 365 children
6-11 years old = approx. 250 children
12-14 years old = approx. 225 children
15 years old – 17 years old = approx. 200 children

These numbers are somewhat fluid as children move in and out of the system. However, this gives a good distribution overview of the current situation. The greatest need is for foster parents for teenagers and sibling groups of three or more.
Question: Do I have to accept any foster child that the state offers?
No. You choose which children come into your home. You will be called with the age of a child or children who are needing a home. You can then decide if you are willing to take him or her in. You can also specify if you only want to care for a specific age group. For instance, you can state you will take only children six and under, or only teens, or only school-aged children, et cetera, if that is your need.